JEC Fellowship Syllabus

Monday Evenings @ 13th Street

 November 30th, 2015 - March 7th, 2016


Session 1

Part 1 - Setting the Stage - Program Introduction.  Meet the Staff & Meet the Fellows

Part 2 - Hide and Seek  - The Hidden World of Jewish Wisdom and the Secret of Life

Session 2

Part 1- The Site Map of Judaism – Judaism In A Nutshell: What’s It All About?

Part 2- The Science of the Soul - A Case for the Existence of the Soul & the Afterlife with Guest Speaker, Scientist Mayer Pasternak

Session 3

Part 1-  Does Your Life Matter? The Significance of the Individual.

Part 2 - In House Workshop.

Session 4

Part 1 - The World is How You See It. The Power of Perception.

Part 2 - The Truth Fairy - An Entertaining and Dynamic Understanding of Truth – Guest Speaker, Rabbi & Performer YY Wenglin

Session 5

Part 1- Is Anybody Out There? - The Art of Jewish Prayer

Part 2- Kids Kicking Cancer - Pushing Away the Darkness- Guest Speaker CNN Hero of the Year Nominee, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg.

Bonus: In House Meditation

Session 6

Part 1- Why Be Happy?  -  The Elusive Notion of Happiness and the Vital Role It Plays in Everyday Life.

Part 2- Givers or Takers? - Happiness Comes From Giving.  Guest Speaker, Bentzion Klatzko, Founder of Shabbat.com

Session 7

Part 1- Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People - The Remarkable Perseverance of the Jewish People

Part 2 - Escape From The USSR - The Amazing Story of a Russian Refuesnik, Marina Furman, enemy of the KGB. 

Session 8

Part 1 - Commitment And Its Role In Relationships - Why Would You Commit To Anything Forever?

Part 2-  In House Relationship Workshop

Session 9 

Part 1 - Making the Desert Bloom - The Most Important Day in Jewish History. What Happened at Sinai?

Part 2 - The Jewish Call To Action - What Is Unique About The Jewish Mission? Guest Speaker, Ari Bergmann

Session 10

Part 1 - The Anatomy Of Leadership. - Do You Have What It Takes? 

Part 2 - In House Leadership Workshop

Session 11

Part 1- The Anatomy Of Leadership. - Do You Have What It Takes? 

Part 2-  Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is -  Philanthropy At Its Finest.  Guest Speaker, Tom Steinberg, President Tisch Family Interests

Session 12  

Part 1 - Chain Of Command - 3500 Years Of Jewish History In One Hour.

Part 2 - Fellowship Wrap Up, Parting Gifts and Banquet


Shabbat Retreat in Long Island

February 5-6, 2016

Fellowship Ski Trip

March 3-6, 2016



  • The Program and Trip are open to all JEC trip graduates (even if you attended a previous trip, you are still eligible!!)
  • If you plan on joining the ski trip, attendance to all classes and the Shabbat retreat are required, however, one class absence is allowed with a make-up session at your convenience.

Interested in participating? Submit your name and email and someone will contact you shortly to confirm your enrollment. 

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